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Dating Tips

Dating makes everyone nervous. It leaves many confused and nervous. What to wear? Where to meet? When to talk and when not? Likewise, there are many endless questions arise on a man’s mind before, during and after the date. Here we have compiled a list of things that will certainly help an individual on the dos and don’ts when he is on a date. First impression is the last impression: - When on a date it is the first look that will make all the difference. Don’t go overboard on the dressing. Simple grooming like shaving or if sporting beards trimming can make a huge difference. Be confident: Always be confident when going on a date. Women prefer a guy who is filled with confidence. Don’t shy while talking. Give her equal chance to talk: On your date don’t do all the talking. Try to keep your talk short and precise. Listen to her, as it will help you to understand her better.

Avoid your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend conversation: - Avoid talking about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. It will make your date awkward and one will feel that you are not interested in him/her.

Turn off your phone: Turn your phone completely, as it will help you to focus on the date properly. Offer to Pay the Bill:- On the first date, offer to pay the bill. It will make you gentle.